Lucy is William's older sister and the former main antagonist in William's freakouts.


She is usually shown destroying some of William's items such as throwing his Xbox controller in the toilet and putting cake batter on his face. She and William often fight over the Xbox sometimes. Her first debut was in "William And Lucy Fight Over Wii Video Game System". There had been older videos of her in the violette1st channel, but mostly family videos rather than her being aggressive towards William.

Lucy often bullies William and is usually antagonistic towards him. She also does things that greatly annoy William, such as taking his things without asking him.

Like Bill, Lucy is extremely hypocritical and rude. She often criticizes William for being rude and destructive, when she often destroys his things and is very rude to him herself. She also seems to show no remorse for her actions just like her father.

While unconfirmed, Lucy appears to be the favorite child of Bill, as unlike William, Lucy seems to receive little to no punishment for destroying William's belongings whatsoever, and Bill could very well be the reason why she gets away with it all the time.

She does seem to have a somewhat kind side however, as she adopted Zachary, who is presumably an orphan, and volunteered to raise him.


  • "I'm the star!"
  • "I'm playing Grand Theft Auto!"
  • "Well then you don't have to eat any."
  • "Duh! Now he can't play at all!"
  • "Stay back. STAY BACK!!"
  • "Oh my god. Oh, oh my god. Finally."
  • "I'm eating healthy though."
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